Humiliation play eroticizes the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned, or of humiliating another. Most humiliations can be broadly classified as verbal or physical. verbal humiliation, such as name-calling, ridicule, or denunciation, confronts the submissive with an undignified or more seriously negative self-image. Physical humiliations require the submissive to participate actively in becoming ridiculous; examples may include prohibitions on or obstacles to height, sight-lines, movement, clothing, sexual expression, and speech (although the latter should be considered an extension of verbal humiliation), as well as the assignment of demeaning or impossible tasks. A third category, public humiliation, brings the private experience of humiliation into the world through the presence of additional participants or witnesses.

Erotic humiliation is a big part of most of My sessions. Whether I'm making you beg for something degrading, telling you just how pathetic you are, or turning you into My newest bitch to be taunted and teased.

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