human furniture

Human furniture (or forniphilia) is a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person's body is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other piece of furniture. Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage because the subject usually is tightly bound and expected to stay immobile for a prolonged period. They are often gagged and/or placed in position where there is a danger of being smothered. Proper safety requires frequent checks of the submissive's well-being.

I respect a submissive who can stay immobilized as a piece of furniture for lengthy periods of time. I consider human furniture to be an important aspect of slave training, and I love to see a sub being used as a footstool while I sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea or a good book.

Wishing to serve as My table, foot stool, or chair? Apply for a session today.

Photo: Ian Reid

Photo: Ian Reid

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