Goddess Worship

In relation to BDSM, Goddess worship is a form of submission whereby an individual (typically a male) will submit himself fully to the desires of a female Dominatrix and worship her as if she were a deity. It should be noted that most Goddess worship with regard to the fetish community is not religious in nature and the title 'Goddess' functions purely as a demonstration of how willing the individual is to do their bidding (from eroticfemaledomination.com).In a BDSM scene, this could include worship of Her body (such as leg, foot, or ass worship), attire (such as heel or leather worship), or of her mind/being (financial worship, acts of devotion from the slave, tasks that show obedience and loyalty). 

If you have the honor of having a session with Me, you will be certain to worship Me in many ways, to My liking, and as much as I desire. I see Goddess worship as an integral part of any sub/slave's training. When you acknowledge, adore, worship, and serve the Goddess in Me, you connect to the divinity within you as well. The most important aspect of Goddess worship is the energy and intention you put into whichever way you express your worship. 

Apply for the honor of worshipping your Goddess.

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