Erotic hypnosis includes a wide range of sexual fantasies and activities, including mind control, dominance and submission, personality transformation, gender transformation, age play, forced arousal, and even sexual addiction. Dominance and submission (D/s) is by far the most common use of hypnofetishim. D/s is a form of erotic power exchange, where one person willingly surrenders their will to another in exchange for sexual pleasure and/or an emotional bond. Hypnosis enhances the feelings of submission to the point where a sub can actually feel a dominant's control moving their body or influencing their thoughts. This can create intense feelings of belonging and intimacy.

I have enjoyed erotically hypnotizing My sexual victims since I was a teenager. Recently I have created a butt hypnosis video, and plan to create more. Using only the sound of My voice and My hypnotic gaze, I will have you under My spell.

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