Personal slave application

Apply here for all slave positions. I have very high standards and only the best are considered! Be prepared to share photos if I respond to your application. You must have great communication skills and use proper grammar. I get many of these applications, make yours stand out by getting Me a gift when you apply! Browse My amazon wishlist or send a tribute

Chauffeur: driving duties, must have a nice/clean car, bonus points for large vehicles. Errand Boy: able to run errands around the city, pick up groceries, drop offs, etc. Financial slave: here to make My life easier through tribute, gifts, shopping, cash meets, etc. Foot slave: make sure My feet are always pampered with mani-pedis, massages, shoes, and pantyhose. Tech slave: assistance with web design, social media, photo and video work, SEO, photo-retouching, etc. Domestic servant: servant at My Brooklyn, includes cleaning, cooking, errands, massages, groceries, etc. Chef: cook for Me and bring Me food! I eat healthy, mostly organic and vegan food. Latex slave: support My love latex by buying Me new outfits, cleaning and maintaining My latex wardrobe, and potentially being in latex photo shoots with Me.

If interested in serving in a ProDomme session, apply here.

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you may apply for multiple positions in My slave stable. Skills for tech slaves would include: web developer/coder, SEO, social media, audio and visual production.