you have been chosen to serve at the upcoming Goddess party at the Goddess Palace on October 18th. This is a high honor and you are expected to follow protocol and prove yourself worthy of this honor. 


  • slaves must arrive in dress pants, button down, and nice shoes. Be clean, no body odor, fresh breath, etc.
  • slaves will each bring food and drink items to contribute to the party, I will specifically tell you what to bring. Items should be high quality. 
  • slaves must each wear a collar for the evening. Collar is put on and removed by a Goddess.
  • If chastity training is in our practice, you must arrive locked up and hand over the key to Me. 
  • slaves will not speak unless spoken to. you are not here to socialize, you are here to serve. The only time you are allowed to speak first is if you are asking if a Goddess would like a refill/foot massage/food.
  • slaves will respond to commands with "Yes Goddess". slaves will also use "Thank You Goddess" and "Please Goddess" as much as possible. 
  • slaves will make specific commands a priority. When not assigned to a specific task, slaves will be proactive about cleaning and tidying. Attempt to anticipate Our needs. 
  • Party starts at 7pm. Arrive as on-time as possible, and earlier to help set up if you can.
  • The purpose of this party is for us Ladies to enjoy a casual night of socializing while slaves attend to our needs and keep our space nice. This is not an opportunity for you to get your kinks met. This is not about your desires. This is about being a better man and being useful to Women.
  • slaves are a representation of Me. Do not embarrass Me in front of My friends. Be on your best behavior. Make Me proud to have you serving us.