Instagram Goddess

I have finally joined Instagram! Check it out and follow me to see pics from the life of a NYC Dominant Goddess. I'll be posting lots of goodies! A great way to get a peak into my life. Search for 'thegoddessaviva' or check me out here.

Art and Domination

This is the second of my Art and Domination posts where I post images of BDSM, kink, and Goddesses found in all forms of art. They are subjects that have interested artists and viewers for as long as people have been creating art.

Today I have a classic: Robert Mapplethorpe. An American photographer known for his often controversial black and white photography. Many of his images have a BDSM styling and are simply gorgeous. Learn more about Mapplethorpe here.

Spring Equinox

Spring has arrived! And with the Spring Equinox, a powerful New Moon, and Solar Eclipse: a perfect combination to perform a Goddess Ceremony. On this eve I performed such a ceremony alone, setting intentions for the rest of the year, shedding what no longer serves, and tapping into my Divine Power. Many blessings await this Spring and I intend to enjoy them all!

Slave Gifts

Nothing better than having a slave show his appreciation and servitude by offering up a fat stack of cash. Of course if he didn't, I might just have to cut his dick off so I can have my play thing with me always... I love using my naughty and devious mind to control my subs.


Jamaica Yeah Mon!

Living the life of a Goddess means free trips to Jamaica! It was so good to get out of the city for some sunshine and warmth. I love when my slaves take me to exotic locations. Now I'm back and ready to cause trouble!

Art and Domination

With a deep interest in art and haute couture, I've thought it would be fun to start sharing posts that look at placing Goddess worship, BDSM, and fetish into a historical context by looking at examples in art history and fashion. For my first post in this vein, I'm showing The Birth of Venus by French painter Bouguereau:


Painted in 1879, it shows Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, sex, and desire, being transported on a shell after her birth. In this painting, she exhibits many qualities of Goddess: grace, sensuality, power, as well as being surrounded by many adoring fans and servants.

Website Updates!

My website has been recently updated, with 2 new sections: Sessions and Tribute/Gifts. I now offer phone and video sessions. Email me to discuss more and to get a password to purchase. Also check out the Tribute/Gifts sections for ideas to make your Goddess happy...