Happy New Year!

The Holidays are finally over and 2018 is officially underway! I finished My Holiday travel in Colorado with some quality family time and a quick stop in Denver for some sessions and time with personal subs. My last day in Denver before My flight back to NYC was particularly fun: I got high on some superior Colorado weed and relaxed while a sub massaged Me for hours. If you don't already know, I am addicted to massages! I especially love foot massages, but really most kinds of massage will make Me happy. Sitting back and smoking while getting a massage is especially delightful for Me and has Me feeling like a pampered Goddess. I made sure to get a little public humiliation in before My flight as well: an eager sub in the area wanted to run an errand for Me, so I made him fetch Me food for My flight. My massage-sub drove Me to meet the errand bitch, we parked behind him, he came over to My window, I took the food from him, and then leaned over and spit in his face before driving off maniacally laughing! These kind of brief, humiliating exchanges in public really light Me up. Thanks bitch for making My day! 


Holidays can be a pretty stressful time of year, so I made sure to celebrate the New Year in just the perfect way: staying in with a sexy man and having him pleasure Me all night. Cucks: be jealous! This man was fulfilling lots of fantasies and taking care of Me in ways you never will. I was cumming on his face when I heard fireworks going off at midnight. This is how a Goddess rings in the New Year! Mark My words: 2018 is the year of the Goddess. I have several goals and intentions, including visiting 3 new countries, making health and physical fitness even more of a priority, working on photography and other creative projects, and welcoming positive masculine energy into My life, whether it's from lovers, clients, slaves, or subs, I expect the men to serve and support My highest self in 2018. This is the perfect time of year to cut out everything that doesn't serve you, and make room for powerful choices that come from love. What are your goals for 2018? How will you welcome more Divine Goddess energy into your life? In what ways will you serve the amazing women in your life? Many blessings into this year, from your Goddess Aviva.