Interview with Metro!!!

I've been back in NYC for almost a month since all of My international winter travels, and what a month it has been! While I still dream of the perfect beaches and hot surfers of Sydney, it feels amazing to be in NYC. It's been wonderful to come back to My stable of slaves and regular clients: thank you all for your warm welcome home, I can tell you all missed Me so much! As I continue to build My empire, make self-improvements, and expand My influence as a Dominatrix and BDSM teacher, it gives Me great pride to be able to reach more of the mainstream and dispel some misconceptions about what it means to be a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. For anyone who's had questions for a Dominatrix, My interview with Metro is a great read! I met the writer, Kimberly, at an NSFW event where I was teaching D/s and impact play.  I hope to continue to be a voice for sex and kink-positivity, BDSM that is Safe Sane and Consensual, and tapping into/expressing our divine sexual selves. 

Photo:  NYCRyan

Photo: NYCRyan