Winter travel

Winter can be a hard time of year: freezing weather, stressful holidays, seasonal depression... good thing I'm a Goddess and living My best life! I've set Myself up to have an incredible winter this year, including lots of travel. It's such a privilege to be able to travel the world while working and being served. As I write this post, I'm relaxing in bed at a friend's house in Houston, Texas. This is My first time in Texas, and everything is bigger here! My friend's have a huge house, complete with giant tub with jets, so naturally I've been taking a lot of baths. Just last night, one of My friends served as My bath butler, cleaning the tub, lighting candles, pouring wine: truly a gift! I was flown out to Houston for some sessions and to record content for the podcast Weird Frakin' Shtako (will be sure to release the link when it's live). It's been such a joy to escape NYC for a bit and enjoy the warm weather and southern hospitality. Seriously, I'm so well-served here. Houston seems to have a high concentration of foot slaves, who have been begging and eager to please Me and make My stay easier. Thank you to all the slaves who have made this trip special! 


But the fun doesn't stop in Houston! Tomorrow I'm heading to Dallas to dominate the subs there. Looking forward to seeing some art museums and tasting some BBQ. I'll also be coming through Denver December 27th-28th, so you Colorado foot slaves have an opportunity to be on your hands and knees for Me. I only have one night for femdom sessions, so make it count!

January will be a good month for travel as well! I'll be heading to Tulum, Mexico from January 10-17th. Expect lots of pictures of Me in a bikini drinking a coconut a playing in the turquoise water. And of course I can't leave My Boston slaves wanting for too long, so will be coming through Boston January 24-26th. Bookings for Boston femdom sessions are made here

However, the biggest and most exciting trip I'm taking this winter is to Thailand. I fly into Bangkok on February 2nd and will be staying two months in SE Asia. This is My first time in Asia, and I couldn't be more excited to explore a new place. I want to see lots of beautiful temples, hike in rainforests, relax on pristine beaches, and get lots of massages. Make sure to check My twitter and website for updated info about where and when I'm offering sessions during these trips. I plan to session in Bangkok in early February and end of March/early April. This is a rare chance for those of you in Thailand to serve a Dominant Foot Goddess! #bangkokmistress #bangkokfemdom #bangkokdominatrix #bangkokdomme Also if you have reccomendations for places to stay or things to do in Thailand, feel free to email Me:

Having the freedom to travel and make money is such a blessing, which I truly appreciate. I'm also so grateful to have slaves all over the world eager to please Me. "A slave in every port" is so true. Thank you again to all the subs and slaves who serve Me on My trips, who fly Me to new locations, and who make My life the amazing Goddess adventure it is. Happy Holidays and let's bring in 2018 with an abundance of love, joy, and kinky adventures.